Vocational Training: Equine Specialist

Emphasis: jockey


Maximum weight of 53 kg (117 lbs.) and medium height at the beginning of training

A sense of responsibility, reliability and balance

School-leaving qualification with broad general knowledge and foreign language skills

A good understanding of the horse as a living being

Good to have

Experience in handling horses and horse husbandry

Internship at a racing stable

Future perspective

After successful completion of training

Employment as a jockey or head person / traveling head person

After reaching 50 victories

one is awarded the title „Jockey“ *

As a successful jockey

Employment as stable jockey

After several years of professional experience and the completion

of training to accredited Pferdewirtschaftsmeister (master of horse management)

employment as horse trainer or racing manager

* The German educational system as well as the training system within the equine industry differ from most international education systems. In Germany, students entering vocational training for the industry become "equine specialists" with an emphasis of their choice. Furthermore, the professional title for a graduate, who wishes to ride in races and has completed practical and vocational training is "Rennreiter" (race rider), whereas "Jockey" is in fact a title a race rider is awarded upon reaching 50 wins in the saddle. For the sake of simplicity and to avoid confusion with readers and interested parties, however, we use the term "jockey," as the job title here but we want readers to be aware of this fact as they navigate these pages.