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You are athletically inclined and you like horses?

You long for not-so-ordinary occupation where you are often on the road?

Speed fascinates you and you love competition?

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„I've always wanted to get on a horse, loved horses and that hasn't changed to this day.“

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The Jockey school at the Cologne-Weidenpesch racecourse is Germany's only vocational training program. It is an independent association with the official name: Förderverein zur Jockey Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V. (Association for the promotion of training and further education of jockeys).

The Jockey school is supported by the Asterblüte racing stable in Cologne, which provides horses for the apprentices. Important pieces of equipment at the school are two racehorse simulators on which students practice the correct seat under the supervision of experienced jockeys.