German jockey school in Cologne

What is the jockey school?

The Jockey School at the Cologne-Weidenpesch racecourse is the only jockey school in Germany. It is an independent association with the official name: Förderverein zur Jockey- Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.. which translates to association for the promotion of training and further education of jockeys.

The jockey school is supported by the Asterblüte racing stable, which provides horses for the apprentices.

Important pieces of equipment at the school are two racehorse simulators on which students learn the correct seat under the guidance of experienced jockeys.

After the first year of training, a three-week course takes place at the Rheinische Landesreit- und Fahrschule Langenfeld. The participants earn the German Class IV Riding Badge; at the same time, the intermediate examination and the Racing Regulations assessment test are taken.

Management and association

Kai Schirmann

The head of the jockey school is Kai Schirmann, who brings the experience of nearly 1,000 races to the education of apprentices.

Dr. Andreas Jacobs


Erika Mäder

Vice President

Karl-Dieter Ellerbracke

Vice President